Alcohol can impact a developing fetus at any time during pregnancy. Alcohol use during pregnancy has also been connected to other health problems, like lower birth weight, preterm births, miscarriages, and stillbirths. Even though you may not yet know you’re pregnant, your body is working hard to make a baby. The safest option is to avoid alcohol while you are trying to conceive to reduce the risk of FASD.

Go alcohol-free to help reduce alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Research shows that a woman is more likely to drink alcohol if her live-in partner drinks heavily. Also, a father’s alcohol use can affect his sperm. That can impact birth outcomes and fetal development. If you are planning to be pregnant, go alcohol-free with your partner!

Major life changes and social disruptions may cause you to drink more alcohol. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing big changes to our lives. Avoid using alcohol and other substances to cope. Instead talk to friends, get active, eat well and try a new hobby to reduce your stress.

Alcohol can put a fetus at risk.


Go alcohol-free.

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Avoid drinking alcohol if you are trying to have a baby

Encourage your partner to stop drinking as well

Get support for substance use if you have trouble reducing your drinking