Remember: alcohol and unprotected sex are never a good mix. If you're having unprotected sex, go alcohol-free to prevent FASD. Stay alcohol-free until you know you are not pregnant. Alcohol can impact the fetus at any stage during pregnancy.

More Canadians are using alcohol to cope with their stress, anxiety and boredom during COVID-19. Alcohol is not healthy for our bodies or our minds. It can make us more vulnerable to illnesses, like COVID-19.

Alcohol can also cause mental health issues like depression and problematic substance use. There are healthier ways to reduce your stress. Talk to friends, get active, eat well and try a new hobby. Consider cutting back on how much alcohol you drink. And follow Canada’s guidelines for low-risk drinking.

Mixing alcohol and unprotected sex is risky.

Go alcohol-free.

What can I do?

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Use effective contraception to prevent pregnancy

Avoid drinking alcohol and having unprotected sex

Don’t drink if there’s a chance you could be pregnant

Follow Canada’s Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines


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